Antiques Fair Cesena



There is a very special occasion that awaits all those who choose to stay at ' hotel brisighella ravenna, And is to be able to go in the various dates on the calendar, to visit the beautiful Antiques Fair Cesena. L'Hotel near Cesena, Is ideal to spend pleasant moments of relaxation and visiting appointments with the most important fairs of Cesena, throughout the course of the year. Once Upon a time, Antiques Fair Cesena, offers many antiques and Collectibles high quality.

To experience the event in the utmost peace and tranquility, the solution for couples and families, is to book directly online Hotel La Meridiana Brisighella. TheHotels around Ravenna is a great option for the holidays, even to go to discover this wonderful city of art, or to visit the best parks in the Riviera within easy reach. The Hotel of Bristol is a Hotel Tre Stelle and offers many personalized services tailored to all needs. And 'ideal for all couples who want to spend moments of relaxation and wellbeing, because in addition to being a Romantic Hotel, Is also'Hotel near the Spa Park of Bristol, renowned for the efficiency of sulfur and salt-bromojodiche. This means you can also focus on your well-being for a rejuvenating holiday body and mind!




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In the vicinity of Bristol

Wandering in the heart of Romagna

Because of its location, between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, and good road connections, Brisighella is an excellent starting point for excursions. For a quick route, the ideal is Faenza city of ceramics, which is only a few kilometers. Even Ravenna and Florence are not far away and the road that leads to the Tuscan capital, through the Passo della Colla, offers a spectacle of the most fascinating of the Apennines. Florence and Faenza, it can only be reached by car, but also along the characteristic street railway that connects them directly.

Faenza A 12 KM
City of Etruscan-Roman origins, is known worldwide for its production of ceramic, whose ancient tradition dates back to the twelfth century.

The Mosaics of Ravenna
Last capital, in the fifth century of the Western Empire.

Santa Maria Novella
Firenze A 88 KM
City of Etruscan origin, Florence stretches in the pleasant area traversed by the Arno, surrounded by the green and fertile hills around it that make it so special and striking his territory.

The portocanale
Just 20 minutes from Ravenna meet Cervia. It is not only a great seaside resort from the wide sandy beaches but also the "city of salt". It is, in fact, still exists its ancient salt, precious testimony of the traditional harvesting and processing of sea salt, practiced for centuries until recent times. Since 1979 has been established Nature Reserve: a naturalistic oasis that has been preserved by maintaining a diverse flora and fauna typical of wetlands. In addition to the salt flats you can visit the stores of salt, along with the Tower of St. Michael and the dock, constitute the most evocative glimpse of the historic center.

Le Valli
The Regional Park of the Po Delta, established in 1989, is the largest regional park.

The amusement park
Mirabilandia A 50 KM
For a trip full of fun just 10 kilometers from Ravenna, in the locality Savio, is the largest park of wonders. Wonderland is an amusement park and attractions for all ages. Children can play in the city of 'Bimbopoli', the more adventurous can try their hand with tests of courage by jumping at supersonic speed from the highest roller coaster in Europe, all surrounded by shops, pizzerias, fast food where to stop between attraction and the other.



San Marino

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