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The Hotel La Meridiana recommend ... here's to you a series of selected events for our guests, from September to December 2014.


Ancient Festival of Monticino September 14, 2014

Festival is dedicated to Our Lady of the Shrine of Monticino, whose devotion is rooted in the first half of the seventeenth century. The festival also includes a flea market, rides, ending with a grilled blue fish, accompanied by a musical performance.

Monticino Sanctuary and Old Town


43rd Festival of polenta 12/05/19 October

In the village of San Cassiano, a traditional festival of polenta, the festival focuses on the local gastronomy and folklore. The specialty of the festival will be the polenta, prepared in many ways. Market exhibition of the products of the Lamone Valley.

S. Cassiano fraction of Bristol - Info: posta@sancassiano.ra.itwww.sancassiano.ra.it


Sagra della Porchetta di Romagna and Mora Fair Biodiversity October 19

Will be set up food stalls where you can taste the finest meats and the delicious meat of Mora Romagna and the market of typical products Copaf, the Consortium for the promotion of local products Apennines Faenza and Forli.

Parco Ugonia - Brisighella


20^ Sagra dell'agnellone and castrated Q.C. October 26

Gastronomic event dedicated to the excellence of the meat Romagna with food stands, conferences and exhibitions sheep.

Parco Ugonia - Brisighella


13th Competition of embroidery and autumn exhibition from 26 October to 30 November

The Art of Embroidery in the Lamone Valley, particularly in Brisighella and Fognano was thriving and had its golden moments from the beginning of the twentieth century until the Second World War. The competition is dedicated to embroidery and beyond.

Galleria Comunale d'Arte - Info: 3487604181

Pera Volpina appesa



Sagra del Porcello November 9

The festival recalls the ancient rite farmer killing and the subsequent processing of pork by skilled butchers. QT his appointment provides to the students of the opportunity to sample the cuisine at the restaurants and the festival, local specialties: greaves, coppa di testa, pink hams, sausages and salami.


Sagra della Pera Volpina and the Old Cheese November 16

Pears foxes, small, round and hard, are a typical fruit of the Lamone Valley. Are eaten boiled, cooked in water sheep, or in the oven. The festival contributes to their discovery by offering the possibility of riassaporarle at local restaurants and the festival.


Sagra del Tartufo November 23

The truffle, prized tuber, the product of the most sought after hill Faenza, during the festival is combined to the typical dishes of our tradition prepared by skilled chefs at local restaurants. In selling the "white autumn" which exudes a particularly intense perfume and truffles "black".


53^ Festival of the olive and olive oil November 30

The cultivation of land in Brisighella dates back to ancient times: in Roman times the olive tree was known, appreciated and valued. La festival celebrates and promotes the refined olive oil, the "Brisighello" oil to which was assigned the protected designation of origin PDO and the refined "Noble Drupa." During the festival, the oil can be purchased at the booth of the Earth of Bristol.


Exhibitions Nativity December

Art and popular tradition revived through the Nativity in Brisighella e Fognano


Christmas Market Sundays in December

In the oldest part of Bristol farms and artisans of the region exhibiting products and articles of the Christmas tradition

Old Town of Bristol


Living Nativity December 21, 2014

In the picturesque setting of the old town relives the magic of Christmas and back on the streets the most sacred Christian traditions with over one hundred people

Old Town Brisighella



Info: 0546/81166 – iat.brisighella @ racine.ra.it






Argila - ITALY: "festival of ceramics" 5, 6 and 7 September

Show-ceramics market with 160 exhibitors from pottery town Italian, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Austrian, Croatian, Slovenian and other European nations and international. The town center is alive with numerous events, exhibitions, shows and animations.

Old town of Faenza


Mei 2.0, the biggest festival of independent music Italian 27 and 28 September

The best "indie" music of Italy on by appointment at the Meeting of Independent Labels, now in its twentieth year and housed in the historic center of Faenza.

Old town of Faenza


Ceramics which changes June 27, 2014 - January 25, 2015

Italian ceramics of the Second World War, the eridità of Arturo Martini. The MIC intends to document the news emerged over the past sixty years, starting from Picasso and Fontana, leading to more contemporary Fukami, Matta, and Ortani Pladino.

International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza



White Nights of the main centers of Romagna with shows, music and entertainment:

Green Night of the good life " September 20 - Forlì;

Notte d'Oro " October 11 - Ravenna.


A spasso in Mountain-bike

Sunday, September 21 with a pleasant ride inaugurates the Ciclovia Park, trails and bike routes in the streets of the park of the Vena del Gesso. Hiking and mountain bike rental ABOUT CLICCA


Are available on request: cooking lessons, Italian language courses for foreigners, wine tastings, olive oil and typical products, guided tours of the village,…

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